Our History

SMS Construction

From humble beginnings M/s. S M S has expanded over time to become an established major player in civil construction industry that we see today.

After many years of successful operation in the building industry, M/s. S M S sensed further opportunities in the civil construction industry and the company’s strategic direction was altered to take advantage of these opportunities.

This decision proved to be very prudent as M/s. SMS achieved steady growth due to the successful completion of a variety of regional projects. By 2006 the company had become medium sized with increased staff levels and growth in Revenue.

Quality and professional service has always been at the core of our mission and our Vision.

Since 2006 SMS has gone from strength to strength, taking on larger and more ambitious projects. Our project and contract management systems have been re-engineered to guarantee customer satisfaction. SMS introduced a health and safety program in 2008 for their staff and to safe guard their lives during execution of work, also implemented strict Health and safety policies and Procedures. We pride ourselves in being an Environmentally conscious company with a focused approach to delivering Quality and as such our policies and procedures are a reflection of this core value.

With a long and intimate history, it is no wonder the culture at M/s SMS is one of continuous improvement. With this "can-do" attitude we, at M/s SMS, are always ready to take on new challenges.